How to check if your online accounts have been hacked


Over the past decade the number of online accounts being compromised has skyrocketed, from email accounts to social media accounts being targeted, with the average person having over 50 online account logins. The hackers are gaining access to these with methods ranging from brute force attacks on weak passwords to large data breaches against online businesses. This is why it’s recommended that you have different passwords for each website that you use.

In October 2013, 153 million adobe account details were leaked in a large data breach where the passwords were weakly encrypted and many of these were quickly converted back into plain text. With a breach like this hackers could look up your email address in this database leak and find your password in it’s encrypted form, then attempt to convert it back so they can read the password clearly. They could try this login and password on other websites, if you had used the same logins elsewhere then they could have gained access to a range of different websites, perhaps even your email accounts which could be used to reset passwords even for websites they could not gain access to.
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.UK Domain privacy now available at NetHosted


We’re pleased to announce that we are one of the first domain registrars to be able to offer ID protection on .uk domains, including .UK, .CO.UK, .ORG.UK and more. Our privacy service will secure your personal details, hiding your name and address from the public WHOIS database, you can check your current domain WHOIS info here:

When you register a domain your contact details are searchable via the public WHOIS system. We still offer our existing domain privacy service for .com and other domains, but this service was not previously available to .UK Domains due to Nominet’s regulations. Recently Nominet have changed their policy to allow for a different type of service where your contact details are hidden from public searches but are still visible to Nominet for verification and we are happy to offer this service now for .UK domains.
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Too many passwords? Getting started with a password manager!


Are you finding that you’ve started to use one password for multiple websites/programs to login? Well stop!

You should always use a different password with every website/application regardless of how strong your password is. As we’ve seen in the past that many big well known website have been compromised including Gmail, Amazon and Playstation Network. The passwords have been released into the public, these are usually encrypted but it’s only a matter of time before they are cracked, even when protected with unique salt and hashing it’s not impossible given enough time. It’s very bad practice if you use the same password on multiple sites as these could then be used to hack into your other accounts. Read More »

Looking for help in the kitchen? Robotic hands are on the way!

At NetHosted you know we’re passionate about web hosting and technology, one of our other passions is food! These robot hands combine the two into what could one day be your own personal sous chef, whether it’s prepping vegetables, making a roux or even cooking full dishes, it’s likely to be possible in the near future. Read More »

Simple techniques to optimise your website loading times


Your website’s running a little slow and you’re not sure what to do, your web host claims that it’s nothing to do with them and leaves you on your own but where do you start?! Luckily, there’s a wealth of information and options out there that you can use to speed up your website. Some are incredibly easy and will take a couple of minutes but some may take a little more configuration but in the end, it’s worth it if you shave off precious time spent waiting for your page to load! Read More »

Best practices for reducing spam email reaching your inbox


Spam emails are annoying – there’s no denying it. Fortunately there are a few key techniques to reduce the overall amount that reaches your inbox.

Enable any spam filters or detection systems

Spam can cost individuals and businesses a lot of time and money with tools and even dedicated systems to detect and filter them. While no filter is perfect, these large systems can correctly detect the majority of spam and are an essential function for preventing spam. It’s highly advised to enable any available spam filter or system.

With NetHosted you’re automatically covered with our SOLAR Anti-Spam system, which automatically detects and quarantines any spam emails received. This is included with all our email and hosting plans by default. Read More »