A Guide to Using WebMail

When you sign up for an account with NetHosted you will also get access to our advanced webmail service, whether it is an email hosting account or a web hosting account that you sign up for. Our WebMail service is provided through your cPanel hosting account, meaning that you should first have set up any email account that you wish to use in cPanel through the Email Accounts option. Once your account has been setup you can then login to it via the webmail system, accessible by going to www.yourdomain.tld/webmail or alternatively www.yourdomain.tld:2095. When you try to visit this address you will be prompted for authentication, from here you should enter your email account details NOT your main cPanel account details as this can cause problems when trying to send mail so is not the recommended access method. Your email account username will be in the form of user+domain.tld e.g. test+nethosted.co.uk and the password will be the password that was created when the mail account was set up, this can be changed in your cPanel Email Accounts section if necessary.

Once you are logged in to our webmail, you’ll get a choice of clients; we currently have available Horde, SquirrelMail and RoundCube. Of these SquirrelMail is the most basic, it has a simple interface without fancy graphical features, very usable and intuitive and will get the job done quickly, it’s not as pretty as the other options but very functional! Horde is next, another well established webmail client with a few more additional features than SquirrelMail, not everyone would want them but it has a built in calendar, notes, tasks, news and even a Google search for those who simply must be able to search Google from their webmail client (…!?). It’s more attractive than SquirrelMail though a little more cluttered, some of the features are very nice though, I’m a particular fan of the News section which allows you to very simply subscribe to RSS feeds from a lot of popular news sites and have the headlines all displayed together on your customised news page. The final option we have and the new kid on the block of webmail clients is RoundCube. Only recently has this webmail client reached a level which is stable enough to consider it as an everyday client in my opinion, it has all the fancy features you’d expect to find from a cutting edge client though, AJAX used liberally throughout, a fully skinnable interface using XHTML and CSS 2, GPG/PGP encryption support, I could go on all day! It is comfortable with just being a mail client though and doesn’t try to pack in extra features, it could really be described as a flashy SquirrelMail.

Whichever mail client you choose, once logged in you’ll be presented with what are essentially the same options, albeit with varying degrees of visual appeal. Each allows you to send and receive mail, has an address book, folder manipulation options, and each could serve you very well as a webmail client, it’s just down to personal preference. If I had to recommend one I would choose Horde, as the additional features such as news are useful (well, perhaps apart from the Google search!).

Once you’ve decided on your favourite client, you can specify it to load by default by clicking the Enable Autoload option under your client of choice when you login to your webmail account. To disable this feature you’ll get a prompt and you just have to click stop when you login and choose Disable Autoload if you feel like trying another option.

Hopefully that’s given you a good overview of our webmail options that a cPanel hosting account with us can offer you, the flexibility of webmail makes it an ideal option if you are travelling a lot and often have to use whatever computers are available to you as all the mail and settings are stored on the server!