How to Block Google’s Risky New .mov & .zip TLDs

The release of Google’s new .zip and .mov top-level domains (TLDs) raises significant security concerns. By introducing TLDs associated with file compression and multimedia formats, it opens up the potential for increased cyber threats. Malicious actors could exploit these TLDs to deceive users and distribute malware, phishing scams, or other harmful content.

Reddit user LudwikTR shared a compelling example showcasing the potential exploitation of the .zip top-level domain (TLD) in a straightforward manner. You can find the detailed demonstration on the Reddit post linked here: Visit Post This demonstration sheds light on the risks associated with the .zip TLD and emphasizes the importance of implementing robust security measures.

We have tested a simple and effective solution to restrict access to the recently released .zip and .mov TLDs ensuring users receive a warning before accessing them. Our approach involves integrating uBlock Origin, a popular browser extension, and creating a custom filter rule. By implementing this solution, individuals can protect themselves from potential security risks associated with these TLDs. Safeguarding against malicious activities and enhancing online security is crucial, and our method provides a user-friendly way to achieve that.

You can install uBlock origin from the following links –

Once you’ve installed your version of uBlock Origin – Click on the uBlock icon, click the Settings icon.

On this page you should be able to see a “My Filters” option. Click this and then paste in the following three lines:

! Block bad TLDs

These then block the entire TLDs for .zip and .mov from being loaded in your browser without a warning page being displayed.