Which search engine is best for you? Bing? Google? Yahoo?

Lately there has been a lot going on in the search engine world, there are some new big players in town, namely Cuil and Wolfram|Alpha, Microsoft’s high profile rebrand and update of Live Search to Bing! as well as old staples Google and Yahoo!. There are even more that you might not have heard of yet in DuckDuckGO (I’m not entirely sure what they were thinking with their choice of name) and Worio all vying for the search spotlight.

Each one seems to have something going for it, and I’d suggest checking them all out, Wolfram|Alpha can be extremely impressive, I’m going to include the presentation on it that I first saw which made me take notice:

I think it definitely has it’s uses, for example maths homework will never be the same again, kids these days! I think most people would agree that mainstream search at present is really down to the big three, Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Which one you use is down to preference really, they all do a fairly good job, but for a nice comparison you should try out Blind Search. This will give you results from all three search engines side by side for comparison, I found this very interesting and a quick search for NetHosted gave me Yahoo! as my search engine of choice. Overall I think Google still holds the search crown but they best stay on their toes, as the competition are definitely gaining on them!