Our VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is great for those ready to step up to their own server. A NetHosted VPS offers many of the same advantages as a dedicated server including full root access, guaranteed CPU and RAM allocations and a dedicated management panel but at a fraction of the cost.

Our VPS platform uses the latest hardware offering full SSD disk arrays ensuring ultra-fast operation, great for running database intensive applications such as Magento. Full off-server backups are taken of your VPS, and you have the flexibility to upgrade the servers resource allocations at any time instantly.

Managed Service + cPanel

With our managed option the client control panel with WHM are included for simple web server administration. This option is ideal for web hosting resellers, if you already have cPanel based hosting or a reseller account with us we'll even help you migrate to your VPS. We maintain it so there is no need to worry about the technical aspect of software updates, we will do these for you as requested. Please note our Managed cPanel Service option is only available on CentOS 7, and is available as an option for £19.95/month.

Benefits of NetHosted

Full root Login SSH Access

Perform advanced server functions directly through the SSH console, saving time for advanced users.

Functionality & isolation

With full control over your VPS you can install any applications needed, and have dedicated RAM, CPU and disk space allocations ensuring the resources you need are available.

Easily upgradeable

A VPS allows you to scale up your resources instantly, whether you require more RAM, CPU or disk space upgrading plans can make these available instantly.

VPS Management panel

Our control panel means you can start, stop and restart your VPS, reinstall your VPS from scratch, manage running services and control these individually. You can also view resource usage at any time.

Technically skilled support

All of our support staff are technically trained, so you will get help straight away for any problems not be left waiting for support.

Regular off-server backups

Regular backups are taken and stored off the server, so in the event of a server failure we would have secure backups to restore your server data from.

Need more?

We also offer fully managed Dedicated Servers based here in the UK. We are able to build servers with practically any configuration so please get in touch via the link below to obtain a quote.

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