The service outage on 07/02/19 resulting in approximately 1 hour of downtime to our shared hosting services from 11:56 to 12:53 was caused by a fault with datacentre power switching from mains power to generator power. Scottish Power were performing maintenance in the area which cut mains power at which point datacentre UPS took over and should have received power from the onsite generator which started when mains power was cut. Due to a failed component in the power switching equipment this did not work as expected, an electrical engineer had to manually switch this and replace the failed component in the power switching equipment to restore service.

As a result of this a full audit of all switching gear will be conducted by the datacentre, and further to this the datacentre will work with the manufacturer of the switchgear to design and implement additional resilience within the switching process to mitigate any reoccurrence.

We apologise for the disruption to service that this hardware failure caused, and believe the actions taken by the datacentre to increase resilience in this switching process will mean that it won't be possible to this to reoccur in future.

Last updated 13:52 (GMT), 11/02/19 by Darryl

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