What do you mean when you say unlimited disk space and bandwidth?

We know "unlimited" can be a contentious issue, so this policy is here for us to explain what we mean by this.

Put simply: we don't want you to have to worry about the disk space usage or bandwidth usage of your website, no matter how busy it gets.

That being said there are other factors that you will need to consider, if your website isn't well optimised it may cause issues due to the amount of CPU, RAM or disk I/O it is using. Reasonable efforts will need to be taken to ensure your site is not using excessive resources due to poor design or optimisation of content. If this is excessive for a shared service and negatively impacting other users then we would look at other hosting options and you may be asked to move to a NetHosted VPS.

With this in mind we define "unlimited" when referring to disk space as unmetered disk space usage to the extent of the server's capacity.

What about email accounts?

There is no limit on the number of email accounts on the unlimited email packages, individual accounts should be kept below 2GB each to promote reasonable filesystem performance, and deleted emails should be removed from the server annually at minimum.

And databases?

You are allowed an unlimited number of databases unless your plan specifies a limit, we do request that queries and databases are well optimised and kept under 1GB each to promote reasonable site and server performance.

And what isn't allowed in "Unlimited"?

If your site is designed with the main purpose of using disk space or bandwidth then it wouldn't be suitable for our unlimited hosting. Any sites hosting content that is disallowed by our acceptable use policy of course wouldn't be suitable either, here are some examples:

  • Copyrighted material that you are not the owner or been granted permission by the rights holder.
  • Streaming / file upload / sharing / archiving / backup / mirroring / distribution.
  • Any site that exists just to funnel visitors to another site, known as doorway pages or gateway sites.
  • Sharing your account and the resources available to it with 3rd parties whether via a subscription or freely.

So it's not really "Unlimited" then?

Every hosting company has a policy like this and we believe ours is very generous, we like to be upfront about this though, not hide it in the small print!

This whole page is written to let the tiny fraction of people that wish to run websites hosting illegal content, or just see how much disk space or bandwidth they can use, know that we won't tolerate that as it wouldn't be fair on users that wish to genuinely use these resources. For anyone running their own site with content that they created we'll do our best to keep you up and running on our shared hosting service, no matter how much disk space or bandwidth you use!