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Magento optimised website hosting from NetHosted

We run a cPanel based hosting environment which allows us to offer you Magento CMS hosting on our top of the range UK based web servers.

We offer Installatron which lets you install Magento in a few clicks, no need to worry about configuring MySQL or PHP, you can have a Magento site running in just a few minutes.

Magento is a resource intensive application, because of this we run our own custom optimised servers offering PHP caching, tweaked MySQL performance and some of our privately developed NetHosted Platform optimisations that you won't find anywhere else! These also make it much more secure than your average cPanel environment, some security features we are using no other cPanel host offers to our knowledge as these were developed in-house. If you are running a larger store and want to host it on one of our cPanel VPS packages then we'll even modify and optimise this for you specifically for Magento, just send us a support ticket after you've ordered your VPS.

Magento Connect Hosting

Magento Connect is an important feature of Magento, offering simple support for quickly installing Magento Extensions via an easy to use interface. We are proud to state that our NetHosted Platform fully supports Magento Connect straight out of the box, no need to change any settings or permissions you can just log in and straight away add any extensions that you need. This makes important tasks such as adding and upgrading payment modules, analytics and many other tweaks very simple, saving you more time to spend growing your store not administrating it.

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that has a main goal of providing webmasters or online store owners with a remarkably wide range of customization and fine-tuning capabilities. Magento has a hugely impressive feature list, and has been described by many as the future of eCommerce solutions. Here are some of the features: integrated with Google Analytics, product comparisons, product reviews, wish lists, customer accounts, order history, order status, one page checkout, SSL support front-end and back-end, search engine friendly. This is just a small list of what Magento offers, and we are proud to support the hosting of Magento sites.

  • Simple "one-click" Magento installer.
  • Automatic updates which can be configured to update or alert of new versions.
  • Automatic backups on upgrading allowing easy roll-back if required.
  • Import existing Magento installations.
  • Increased security against brute-force attacks.
  • Fast loading times with SSD database hosting and PHP caching.