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mambo optimised website hosting from NetHosted

We provide a cPanel web hosting environment that supports the latest version of Mambo on our UK based servers. Mambo push the slogan "power in simplicity", the ease of use is one of the reasons this CMS is so popular, used by everything from government portals to charity websites.

As we offer Installatron hosting this means you can simply install mambo via the automated installer, saving you time and getting your forum up and running quickly. Installatron is an automated application installer, similar to Fantastico but better supported and offering a wider range of applications, making the install process quick and painless.

  • Simple "one-click" mambo installer.
  • Automatic updates which can be configured to update or alert of new versions.
  • Automatic backups on upgrading allowing easy roll-back if required.
  • Import existing mambo installations.
  • Increased security against brute-force attacks.
  • Fast loading times with SSD database hosting and PHP caching.