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MODx optimised website hosting from NetHosted

We provide a cPanel site hosting environment that supports the latest version of MODx Revolution cms hosting on our UK based servers. We offer automatic "one-click" installation of MODx via our application installer so it's very quick and easy to get your site set up.

Some important features that we offer to allow you to get the most out of MODx include Apache 2 with mod_rewrite for SEO friendly URLs, PHP 5.2.12(+) with GD lib, Freetype, PDO, SimpleXML, mcrypt + mhash, SOAP, 128MB memory_limit, custom .htaccess server configuration override, MySQL 5(+), and PHP is ran with secure permissions so that you are able to edit any files on your site via MODx without having to fiddle with permissions. Now that is a fairly long and technical list but if you look on the MODx site you will see that these are the optimal configuration for running MODx, your experience should be second to none on our hosting platform.

x is not a typical plug-and-play CMS. It's liberating and different and designed to work the way you think about sites, not how sites are built.

only does MODx Revolution help you build sites quickly, but it also is both robust and simple. As far as end-users know, MODx Revolution is just an easy-to-use online application; for developers there are freely available resources and a fantastic end-user community. MODx Revolution helps you build sites that perform well in search engines, it's one of the best SEO CMS. Human readable URLs that Google loves is part of the reason, and allowing you to build tight, semantic XHTML/CSS also plays a role.

  • Simple "one-click" MODx installer.
  • Automatic updates which can be configured to update or alert of new versions.
  • Automatic backups on upgrading allowing easy roll-back if required.
  • Import existing ModX installations.
  • Increased security against brute-force attacks.
  • Fast loading times with SSD database hosting and PHP caching.