We're different

We strongly believe in providing the best customer service possible, this means we reply to support queries with resolutions in minutes, not hours or days.

This isn't a claim that we make lightly, we have over 20 years of happy customer reviews that support this. We combine this industry leading support with generous hosting packages, large allowances and competitive pricing. We use only the best quality hardware and resilient backup systems to ensure that your site is running quickly and reliably around the clock.

We keep your data secure

All of our web servers are located right here in the UK. Our UK data centre is an ultra secure, state-of-the-art facility in Newbury, Berkshire. An ex-US Air Force nuclear bunker it features 3m thick reinforced concrete walls, solid steel doors, CCTV system with 24-hour video recording, Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) protection and more to ensure your websites and data are kept safe and secure.

5 star rated by our customers

Our customers can provide honest reviews on our service via TrustPilot, the leading independent review website so you can see what real users think of our service by visiting their NetHosted Reviews page.
20 Operating for over 20 years
We're a privately owned company that has been growing year on year since 2004, operating debt free, we plan on being around for many years to come!
Our state-of-the-art servers hosted in a high security ex-US Air Force bunker in the UK are serving many millions of pages a year reliably, achieving 99.99% uptime historically.
Millions of web pages served each year
Millions of spam emails stopped
Our advanced custom SOLAR Anti-Spam cluster filters millions of emails each week and in our testing has provided more accurate filtering than even the largest well known providers.
Providing great customer support is something that we pride ourselves on. You'll receive a reply to your query from our UK based support team on average within 6 minutes and we always try to solve your problem there and then. You won't get passed around, all of our staff are technically trained.
77k Over 77,000 support queries resolved
90Tb Data backed up on ATLAS
Our ATLAS dedicated backup system stores a vast amount of website and database backups off-server so should there be a hardware failure your data is safe. At any time up to 10 individual backups are stored of all sites on our shared servers.