Looking for help in the kitchen? Robotic hands are on the way!

At NetHosted you know we’re passionate about web hosting and technology, one of our other passions is food! These robot hands combine the two into what could one day be your own personal sous chef, whether it’s prepping vegetables, making a roux or even cooking full dishes, it’s likely to be possible in the near future.

Currently scheduled for availability in 2017, this groundbreaking tech from a UK company Moley Robotics has been unveiled at the Hanover Messe robotics fair in Germany, what it claims is the world’s first robotic chef. The machine itself can learn from human movements how to carry out tasks and is currently being trained by Tim Anderson, the 2011 BBC Masterchef champion.

It’s able to do everything from assembling and chopping all the ingredients, cooking dishes on the hob or in the oven, and finishing up by cleaning the dirty pans. It does only work at roughly the same speed as a person, but it would end the tears from chopping onions or garlic fingers which can only be a good thing.

It won’t come cheap as the estimated cost is around £10,000 for one of these, but with potential for this technology to be used in other fields to it could be a big step forward in kitchen automation. You can imagine a situation where you let your robot chef know what you want for dinner and get started on the commute home, and by the time you’re back dinner is already done, and it will take care of the washing up too.

With it offering a great level of consistency due to the many sensors involved there should be no more soggy bottoms or flat soufflés which can only be a good thing, and I for one welcome our robot chefs!